Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me


Mindy Kaling's "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?" was one of the most refreshing books I've read in a long time. The whole book is pretty much a hilarious and relatable time-line of her life. Each chapter had a different writing style, which she explains in the beginning of the book, and it felt like I was reading a new story every time the writing style switched.

Aside from the incredibly placed humor, she also touched on some events in her life that every girl, and maybe guy, goes through at some point.  The one that resonated with me the most, especially considering I posted about it here, because it talked about finding yourself, and what kind of friends you should surround yourself with. This is something everybody should do as early as they can. There's nothing worse than realizing you spent years pretending to be someone you weren't just to fit in when you could've spent it with people who liked you, and your interests. 

Now, I don't ever like to spoil a book too much for people so I'll leave it with this:

 "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?" is the perfect book for when you need that pick-me-up. If you're in a rut or have been feeling down, this book is the perfect refresher. Mindy Kaling is hilarious, quirky and normal! Overall this book is a quick and fun read! 100% recommended! 

Happy Reading!