If you've heard of theSkimm then you know why it's so amazing. As I got older everybody kept telling me that I should start reading the news, that it would help with conversation starters and make me seem smarter. But I didn't have that kind of time, and who did? I always wondered how people could know everything going on everywhere in the world: local, national, international. Did they sit and read every major newspaper every morning? 

theSkimm is the perfect program for girls on-the-go, especially busy college girls. Once you sign up (which you can do here) you'll get a daily newsletter emailed to you every morning that has all the major news stories you should know; but the best part is, the people at theSkimm have already read everything for you. They just lay out all the information in a simple, easy to skim email that takes no more than 2 minutes to completely read. 

So for all you smart girls out there, that have been lacking on your current events, this is a must.