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In honor of recently being named a Pinterest Social Media Manager for the Smart Girls Group, I wanted to get their mission statement out. One of the questions I answered yesterday for the Liebster Award was "Why do you think blogging is important?", and I think I just found a better answer to that question.

I discovered the Smart Girls Group through my favorite blogger The College Prepster. During their summer conference this past July, The College Prepster was going to be a speaker, and she blogged about it. It was through her blog post that I found this amazing community of girls and women. That's why blogging is so important. It connects people to things they never knew were there, and that could change their lives. The Smart Girls Group did that for me. 

When I discovered them about a month ago the empowering articles I read on the Smart Girls Loop, the Mission Statement, and how many girls and women were connected because of this group inspired me. It gave me the drive to apply for an internship, to start my website, and made me want to be a Smart Girl. 

Here is the founder, Emily Raleigh's, story behind the Smart Girls Group:

The Smart Girls Group unites the next generation of superstar women in our

unique sisterhood environment.

You are smart. Your drive, passion, and enthusiasm hold the potential to change the world. Those are your smarts, and the way you live your life--your story--is how you share them.

You can be a part of our story, too.

The Smart Girls Group was started by a little girl who asked each morning, “Mommy, do I look like a smart girl?” When she was 17, she wrote a book for her sister, Sophie, about succeeding in high school. She decided to turn that book and the image of the Smart Girl, into a sisterhood that would connect the superstar girls of the world. That little girl was me. Hey, I’m Emily.

Our sisterhood is a unique environment that seeks to unite, inspire, and empower the next generation of influential women through our vast array of products, resources, and opportunities fit for passionate game-changers like you. We are developing a one-stop-shop for ambitious young women, while redefining what it means to be smart.

 Emily Raleigh, Founder

Emily Raleigh, Founder

The Smart Girl story isn’t mine. It is all of ours, and it continues everyday, as we unite, empower, and inspire Smart Girls everywhere. We have created a sophisticated, youthful, and supporting space for you to nourish your gifts that the world so needs. My sisters are going to change the world and I know you can, too. Join us as we unite the next generation of superstar women.

Be Smart Share Smarts,


 Stolen from their Instagram! @SmartGirlsGroup

Stolen from their Instagram! @SmartGirlsGroup

 A copy of the virtual, Smart Girls Guide

A copy of the virtual, Smart Girls Guide

  A group of Smart Girls visiting Teen Vogue after they July conference.

 A group of Smart Girls visiting Teen Vogue after they July conference.

The Smart Girls Group has just launched their dates for their 2015 conference! Join to learn more! 

If you're interested in joining the Smart Girls Group click here or on any of the pictures above 

The Smart Girls Group has changed my life for the better, and I've only recently become a member, imagine what it could do for you. 

Be Smart. Share Smarts.