Backpack Essentials

It's officially back-to-school time! So you know what that means.... school supplies!! This is arguably my favorite time of the year (I have a serious obsession with school supplies, I know I'm a dork.) In honor of  this time I've put together some essential to always have in your backpack, and they aren't all just supplies. 

| Calculator |

If you're taking any type of math course, always keep your calculator on you. You never know when you'll be asked to help someone with an assignment or when someone may be able to help you! 

| Bottle of Water | 

Water is essential! Keeping water on you will save you from having to run to a dining hall, dorm or convenience store when you get thirsty. And drinking a lot of water can help prevent that dreaded freshman fifteen. Investing in a reusable water bottle may be smart if your college has filtered water stations scattered like mine does. 

| Sticky Notes | 

Information is buzzing at college. Keeping a stack of post-its within reach is great for when you get the due date for an assignment or a meeting time. Being able to jot it down and stick it on your planner will save you time. 

| Highlighter(s) |

I always type my textbook and reading notes before class and print them out. So while I'm in class I can highlight anything important the professor mentions. But even if you don't do this, having a highlighter on hand is great for last minute study sessions. 

| Laptop (if you can have one) | 

I always keep my laptop on me. If I find that I have an extra hour between classes or I don't want o walk back to my dorm during the day, I'll grab a table at my local Starbucks or library and start working. 

| Portable phone charger | 

You'll be surprised how quickly your phone dies during a busy day. 

| Snack Bar | 

You never know when you're going to get hungry.. and not have any money. 

| Agenda/Planner |

My agenda is like my personal assistant. It knows when all the due dates are, when all my exams are, my schedule for every day, all my tasks, and all my meetings. Without it I'm lost, and being able to access it where ever I am is a lifesaver. 

| Notebook |

Even if you only ever type your notes, you'll come into a situation where you're laptop dies or you forget it and you need to take notes! 

| Pens / Pencils | 

If you want to see where I got the items above, check out my Polyvore account by clicking the picture or clicking here

Happy Supply Shopping!



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