Always Have Snacks

Picture this: a nervous college freshman in a class of all upperclassmen because she thought she could put together her schedule by herself. Her only friends are in her dorm and she has yet to make any friends in class. Someone mentions they're hungry and she happens to have multiple of her favorite Special K bars in her bag. She asks if this hungry girl would like a granola bar and BOOM, they're now friends. 

This is just one of the many examples I've encountered in college of why having snacks on you at all times is important. Is it silly, yes, but it really is a lifesaver (and an icebreaker!) On my first day living in my new dorm we met most of our dorm friends by writing that we had snacks on our whiteboard. Not only are they a good way to make some friends without having that awkward small talk, they can also help you stay focused. 

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 3.38.05 PM.png

I know that when I'm hungry I'm cranky. When I'm cranky I have a harder time staying productive. Keeping a couple snacks in your bag is perfect for breaking out of that funk without having to up and move to the dining hall. As soon as you start checking your Instagram or going through your timeline, pull out your snack, put away your phone and keep on studying. 

My go-to backpack snacks are Special K protein bars, peanut butter crackers, and a sandwich baggie of cinnamon Chex cereal. Stay away from sugary snacks like candy because that can give you headaches and actually inhibit productivity. Obviously fresh fruit, like blueberries or grapes, and veggies with protein, like celery and peanut butter, are some of the best study snacks; but in college it can be hard to find time and money to prepare snacks like that. Its  also much easier to always make sure you have a granola bar in your bag then fresh veggies. 

Do your best to make sure you always have a snack, even if it's a Snickers bar every now and again. It'll help you push through those tough study sessions and may even make you a new friend! 

Happy Snacking!