Using One Note to Organize Your Life

Earlier last semester I discovered a New Way of Note-Taking using One Note. As a huge fan of hand-writing my notes, I was skeptical to use a form of digital note-taking, but One Note was perfect. It's ability to organize your notes without restriction gave me the idea to use it for things other than just school.

Currently I use One Note for school, my blog and my business. I have one notebook for each of them. One Note allows you to have subjecting tabs for each notebook which I use to organize each of the different aspects of school, my blog and my business. 

Here's How I organize each of them: 

| School | 

As you can see I have my class titles on the tabs at the top. Under each class title I add a different page for each days notes (see the right side of the picture) 

Having my notes organized by date, title, and class makes finding even the smallest noted detail very easy. One Note has this amazing feature of being able to type anywhere, and move around different groupings of notes. Since my professor for this specific class (archaeology) jumped from topic-to-topic I was able to type what he was saying when he said it and organize it later. Plus I can search for keywords using [command]-[f]. If you have a PC try using [control]-[f]. 

| Blog | 

For my blog my tabs highlight different aspects of blogging rather than my different classes. I keep a running list of blog post ideas and break them down into strength and length of the post here. Under my Sponsorship Opportunity tab I keep a list of all of the other bloggers and companies I've collaborated with as well as any guest posts that I have lined up for the upcoming months. 

I also have added a to-do and statistic pages where I utilize the interactive to-do bulletin list where you can actually check something off! And some contacts I need to keep in contact with:

| Business |

The only tab I have for my businesses notebook right now is a running client list. Each page has a different client that I have or am working with. It includes to-do's for the current clients and for the past ones it includes all of the work that was done as well as before and afters, and the details used. 

One Note is incredibly useful and seriously helpful in organizing your life if you have multiple things to manage. If you haven't used it to type your notes I highly suggest it! And if you're no longer in school then don't assume it can't help you keep track of your own schedule. 

Happy organizing! 



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