Heading to NYC

Today I'm taking the day to myself and traveling to NYC! New York has always been my favorite place. I've dreamt of being in the city since I was 8 years old. Not getting in to NYU (my dream school) almost killed me, but now instead of just going to school in the city I'm working so that when I do move there ill never have to leave! 

I'm a marketing student with a love for graphic design, and having this blog had opened a ton of doors for me and has shown me what I can do with my two passions. Today marks one of the first days that I'll be traveling to NYC for work and it couldn't put a bigger smile on my face. 

As I sit in the bus on my way in watching Sex and the City (obviously) I can't help but look out the window at all the suburban towns and look at my laptop and wish I was Carrie. Living her life: a care free girl in Manhattan writing for vogue and her own column while simultaneously wearing her hundreds of $500 shoes in her adorable upper west side apartment. 

I know one day I'll be there, today proves that. And I cannot wait for that day. 

Get ready New York, I'm coming for you.