How-To: Look Smart and Cute While Wearing Glasses

Looking cute in glasses is always tough. I face the struggle daily especially since I have two pairs of glasses. Today one of my lovely readers, Gabriella Disendorf, will be guest posting all about how to rock your glasses! 

Many poets will say that beauty comes from the inside, and we completely agree with that. But attitude can add a lot to it, because the attitude towards spiritual and mental things will only reflect on the physical beauty in a positive manner. To shift the paradigm, and truly “become what we think”, we must think positively. In order to build great and harmonious relationships with other people, and to attract positive events, we have to have positive thoughts. This will contribute to our health as well and to the impression we leave on other people. This will also reduce stress levels and optimistic attitude can thus turn problems into mere opportunities which are there to be seized by you. So, the point is, if you do happen to wear glasses, let those glasses be your window to the world – and let them help you see the world in brighter colours.

Smart Look

It is said that a person will look smarter with glasses. The effect of glasses is that they increase the levels of our likability, trustworthiness and people think that we are successful if we wear them. So we can treat them like a pest, or like – wisdom glasses.  There are different research which proves that people wearing glasses will instantly be perceived like more intelligent. So why not use this perception as a factor which can help you improve your status?

The Right Glasses

Choosing the right glasses depends on the shape of your face. If you have a heart-shaped face, try rimless styles, which focus more on your eyes, rather than the forehead. If your face is square-shaped, your choice are rectangular shapes with rounded edges. If your face is thin-narrow, you can try with glasses with thin arms which draw an illusion of broader face. If your face is round, try with rectangular frames, and if oval – try with butterfly shaped frames with broad top. The color you can decide based on your eyes or your preferring, or even the current trend.

The Right Make Up

Make up may become essential on your face once you start wearing glasses. Make sure your eyebrows are well groomed so that they frame your eyes. Use a good concealer for under-eye circles, which are more visible beneath the glasses and some waterproof mascara (we strongly recommend Jane Iredale makeup, or Bobbi Brown). Waterproof shadows will be only beneficial for you, and you can also try curling your lashes to avoid them touching and smearing the inside glass. You can also experiment with fake lashes, but not those thick ones, like for a red carpet kind of style. And the crown of your make up should be the choice of your lipstick – which can be dark if your glasses are dark, or you can simply go with the classic – red.

Photo Source

Photo Source

So, to conclude, depending on your attitude, you can look gorgeous in your glasses only if you wear them with pride. Of course some things you cannot influence, such as the shape of your face, but you can find a suitable frame according to your face shape and take out the best from it.

Thank you for your wonderful post Gabby!! I absolutely love when my readers reach out to me! If you want to write a guest post, or are thinking about a collaboration, don't be afraid to let me know!