Neutrogena Naturals Wipes

I've always been a long-time Neutrogena user. I have some weird skin sensitivities and allergies, but Neutrogena has never irritated my skin. One of the biggest things I am allergic to is Tea-Tree Oil, as well as some other plant oils. This sucks because almost every new product being created to help enhance your life in a natural way is being made with Tea-Tree Oil. Then Influenster sent me Neutrogena Naturals Wipes. 

I was really nervous. I love Influenster, but I knew when I got the email about receiving this product that I may be allergic to it. But I also really wanted to not be allergic because I had just run out of my make-up remover wipes and I'm too broke to buy more. 

When I finally picked up my package I immediately read the ingredients and noticed there are no plant oils included. I was kind of shocked. I decided to test them out because the probability of me being allergic were slim to none. But in order to truly test them out Neutrogena asks that you take the #WipeForWater pledge. 

What the #WipeForWater pledge means is that you pledge to not wash your face with water for a certain number of days. I chose three days, skeptically, and kept up with the other parts of my skin care routine (moisturizing and biore-ing). And strangely my skin actually feels better. I've had some old acne scars almost completely disappear! I've even felt confident enough in my skin not to wear make-up today. It's been 5 days since I made my pledge, and I'm totally in love. 

I am going to go back to using my face-scrub starting tonight, but I'm going to be cutting that down to once or twice a week versus the three to four times I had been doing. I don't think I will be going back to using the regular Neutrogena make-up remover wipes I used to use after trying these ones. 

They smell like apples, they feel less oily and they're making a difference. If you make the #WipeForWater pledge, Neutrogena will donate $1 towards water conservancy. 

If you've made the #WipeForWater pledge comment below! 



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