#ProjectHealthy Week 1 & 2

Woo time is flying by! It's been two weeks since I made the promise to myself to get back to a healthier me. So far I've only made little changes but I feel so much better! 

During my first week I focused on two simple things: getting to the gym and not eating pasta for two meals a day. The second one is so hard! I love carbs, I love starchy foods, and I love comfort food. Growing up with my mother meant a lot of pasta, and college didn't change that. 

To help with this I made a rule. I can only eat pasta, or other heavily starchy foods before I go to the gym, or before 4 pm-ish. By eating the foods I love earlier in the day I have longer to burn them off. I don't believe in eating food just to eat, I believe you should enjoy your food. So I will never stop eating pasta or bagels because I love them. Instead I will just try to use some portion control while adding protein into my diet. 

Getting to the gym was surprisingly easier than I thought.  My mom told me at the beginning of my desire to get healthy that just walking to the gym can be enough to get you into aa routine. She told me to first walk there, then walk through, then stay for 10 minutes, and etc. I didn't do this. By the time I walked to the gym I felt like if I didn't work out I'd waste time, so I'd actually work out. 

Just walking to the gym/by the gym everyday got me in a routine. I've even started to enjoy going. Whenever I'm there it's ME time. I turn on Netflix, turn my phone on Do Not Disturb and take an hour to myself. And it's so nice!! I look forward to going everyday now.

When you're in college you're constantly surrounded by people wanting to talk, or people who need your help, even when you're sleeping your roommate is there. But when I go to the gym, I feel completely alone. Even when I go with a friend. I feel like I'm taking an hour to myself to make myself feel overall happier. 

I even treated myself to a new pair of sneakers because I was in desperate need. My old ones were falling apart after using them for the past two years for almost everything. And I'm so excited. New workout clothes make me happy and more motivated. (there should be people who donate Lululemon gift cards to underdressed college students at the gym)

Overall I am super happy with how #ProjectHealthy is going! My goals for the next week are to cut down on all the sugary foods I eat and mix up my workouts a little. I'm starting to get bored with mine but I don't know where to start looking for new ones without getting overwhelmed. 

Comment with any tips you have or how your #ProjectHealthy journey has been going!