Susy Jack for Blue Sky Planners

Last week I opened my mail to possibly the best thing I could've seen. New planners! If you don't know about my obsession with day planners by now, then you will after this. This past year I couldn't find the prefect planner for college. My high school one wasn't enough, and the new ones I found were too much. But the Susy Jack for Blue Sky Planners may be just the thing I've been looking for. 

2015-05-14 13.12.27.jpg

The smaller teal planner had both monthly and weekly breakout sections. The planner is colorful, but not overwhelming and it has just enough space and lines to fit all my assignments and activities and little descriptions of each. The cover of the agenda is interchangeable which makes it the perfect place to put your daily to-do list. The planner is small and sturdy enough to put in your purse or backpack without worrying about it getting destroyed, but big enough to fit everything you need. 

The larger pink planner is a thin monthly calendar that's been three hole punched. The whole Susy Jack collection is so adorable that I'm hoping to be able to put this agenda into one of the binders from the collection. It's perfect for tracking assignments and scheduling which days to study what. I love the large size because I can actually fit everything into the monthly calendar that I need to without cramming everything in. 

In addition to these they have 8.5x11 weekly/monthly, and binder inserts of the smaller version. These will all be available at Target until mid-June! 



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