End of my Freshman Year

Today's the day, I am moving out of my first dorm and headed home for the summer.  This is such a bittersweet day for all of us. I've spent the last week complaining about school and dying to go home, but as soon as I finished my last final I knew I never wanted to leave.  My freshman year has been amazing.  It wasn't what I had expected my first year of college to be like, but it became everything I could have ever wanted.  I made amazing friends, reconnected with old ones, got involved, secured a job for sophomore year, and made a new home here at UMass.

Leaving today will be hard, I've become so used to being around my friends everyday and now I wont see most of them for months. It's crazy to realize how quickly become close with the people you live with and how close you become.  I can't wait to come back in the fall and rush, it's definitely going to make college much more fulfilling to me; and I'm also excited to start me new job.  But as excited as I am for the fall I am definitely excited to go home today.

You don't realize how much you miss being home until you're gone.  I miss taking showers without shoes and not having to pay to do my laundry.  And last week I reached the poorest I've ever been, so the idea of going home and working is amazing.  When your bank account hits $13.72 and your credit card is basically maxed out, you realize you hit rock bottom. But its even worse when it happens two weeks before you can go home.  I'm just excited tog et home and start making money again.

Leaving my dorm is going to be hard, I have so many memories here and the best view. But I know that next year is going to be even better, and this summer will be amazing.

Congratulations to everyone who survived finals!  And an even bigger congratulations to anyone who made their college decision last Friday on May 1! I hope your freshman year will be as amazing as mine has been. 



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