The Semester Planner

This is it! The project I've been working on since December is almost ready! After receiving my Day Designer and thinking It was love at first planner site, and being utterly disappointed, I set out to create the perfect agenda for college students: The Semester Planner. 

When I came up with this thought, I wondered why no one has thought it before! Traditional planners are not meant for the hectic lifestyle of a college student and they don't account for our space between semesters. They're too bulky, with too much stuff that we don't need. 

So July 1 I will be launching The Semester Planner.  I've had over 200 people write to me wanting to pre-order one which makes me so excited!  I will not be accepting pre-orders for a couple of reasons. But don't be discouraged! There will literally be an unlimited number of supply.  Why is that? Well, I decided not to use a print press. If I had the planners wold be extremely costly, so I am going to be offering multiple options: 

  • a $10 downloadable version 
  • a $15 (+ shipping) basic spiral bound version
  • a $15 (+ shipping) disc-punched version for (Arc notebooks) 
  • and a $25-50 (+shipping) disc punch with your choice or Arc notebook (poly or leather) 

All of my planners will be 8 1/2 by 11" because I honestly don't believe a planner really functions for college if it's not that large. 

I can't wait to get this done and ready for all of you! and I can't wait to actually use one myself!