Sunday Notes

Happy Valentines Day everybody!! One of my 2016 #goals was to bring a little more of myself to my blog, so I’ve decided that once in a while I will be posting ‘Notes’. These will have little updates on my life, and maybe a few of my favorite links!

Today’s  Notes are going to be a little bit longer, but bear with me ;) {and if you want more a look into my daily life, #xocollegelife now has a Snapchat!}

| Life Update |

I am officially one month into my second semester of my sophomore year! Woo that is a mouthful! This semester I finally feel like I am on track, I’ve found my footing and I’m starting to feel more comfortable with where I am socially here on campus.

After I left sorority recruitment in the fall not finding my home, I’ve had a rough few months adapting to not having really any girl-friends on campus. Coming from an all girl high school where I had 5 really close girl friends and 20 super amazing girls I could always rely on, to going to college where literally all of my friends are guys (with the exception of one girl), has been a lot harder than I thought. But this semester rather than hide in my room with Grey’s Anatomy and sulk, I’ve taken it upon myself to stay out during the day and out of my comfort zone.

| My Favorite Links This Week |

 photo from  Levo League

photo from Levo League

Levo League: "8 Surprising Productivity Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind (And Help You)"

I love listicles that talk about being productive, but this one was extra awesome because it has some new, out-of-the-box, productivity tips that I would've never thought to try before.

Kayla Blogs: “My Major is Harder Than Yours”

Kayla hit the nail on the head here! If you’re not following Kayla yet you should be. In this article she talks about that one thing that always bugs me about being at a big university - MAJOR competition. Even though I’m in the business school here on campus (a stereotypically hard major) I never fail to hear someone putting down my major, or someone in my major putting down someone else's.

Cristina on Campus: “How to Stand Out on Social Media”

Before I read this post I was always strongly against using a thousand hashtags on Instagram, but after reading one of Cristina’s many tips, I tried it and gained over 40 followers in one day and got a record number of likes on a post! The girl definitely knows what she’s talking about.

| My Week Ahead |

This week is the calm before the storm. For the past 5 months I have been on the 5-student planning committee for my business school’s women’s conference, the Women of Isenberg Conference. According to the website for the conference (which I designed ;)) there are 11 days, 23 hours, 5 minutes and 22 seconds until the conference. So I guess you can say I’m counting.

Having no class on Monday because of President’s Day, and no class until 4 on Tuesday (because it’s a Monday Schedule this week) I am using all of my free time to get all of my test-prep and homework done for my classes in the next two weeks.

I have an accounting exam this Thursday, and 3 exams (communications, law, and classics) next week: aka the week of the conference. Plus an ethics paper for law and 3 problem sets for accounting. If you need me I’ll be in the Library until eternity.

what's your week look like?