MeWe: The Next-Gen Social Network

MeWe: The Next-Gen Social Network

Oh my gosh guys! This may be the most exciting thing I have done in a while: I am using a NEW social media network (ahh!) 

I am someone who hates change, but I love social media [hello, I'm a social media marketing major!] In January I decided to jump on the Snapchat bandwagon, and honestly have only posted to my blog snapchat maybe once. I couldn't keep up with it, it was just another network I had to deal with and I hated feeling like it was becoming my job instead of something I loved. 

What I've always wanted to do was have an app that I could have all my new, and favorite relevant posts for the time of year, and also be where I post pictures from my Instagram, or even full albums from trips that I may not do a full blog post on, video tours of my dorm or mini video tutorials. The list could go on and on. 

But guess what guys? I don't need my own app, because I found MeWe! Honestly, I don't know why I didn't think to look for an app like this earlier. I've spent the weekend playing around with the app and it's so cool!! 

It has the ability to send disappearing photos and videos like Snapchat; the ability to add friends and have a timeline like Twitter and Facebook; and my favorite part of the entire app is the Group feature. I've created an #xocollegelife group  that has literally everything I wanted to have in my own app. Once you download the app, or make an account on the MeWe website, you can join my group. (basically if you want to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and be my friend on Facebook, without actually having to - join my group.)

There are two parts to my group: the Posts and Chat sections. 

| Posts | 

The Posts section has exactly that - my posts! Here I'll be updating my status like on Facebook and Twitter, but I'll also be posting links to my new blog posts, my favorite old posts, and links to my sticker collection on RedBubble every time I add new stickers! 

I'm getting so obsessed with this app it's ridiculous. 

On the Posts section you can like and comment just like you can on Facebook, or on my normal blog posts. But the Chat section is going to be a major game changer!

| Chat |

This is going to be the coolest thing for me. I get at least 5-10 emails a day from people who read my blog about questions about blogging or things they want to see on my blog, and on the chat section all of these questions and comments can be made and answered.

Especially for questions about blogging, if other bloggers are in the group, they can answer too! Everyone in the group can be involved in the chat when they want to be. I can also be privately message on the app for anyone who may have a more lengthy question.

| My World (Timeline) |

When you sign up for MeWe you can add you friends and join groups. To be in my group, you don't have to be my friend. What's great about this is you can make it like you wish your Facebook could be: filled with friends that you actually know. I added a thousand people as friends on Facebook when I was 13 because it was cool to have a lot of friends. Now I have no idea who anyone on my timeline is...

When you sign up, add people you know and join groups you like! I hope other bloggers make groups because it would be so cool to be able to click on my favorite bloggers' groups and check in. 

There is also the opportunity to make groups where everyone is a Collaborator, which means that their posts appear on the Posts section of the group. This is great for creating collaborative blogger groups like we do on Facebook now, or even a group for your club or Sorority.  

And one of the best things is there's no ads! And it can't track you! So no creepy posts about what you just looked at on the Kate Spade website. 

I will be using MeWe as my primary social media network {because it's basically every social media network} going forward! I can't wait to see how this app will change how we approach social media! And I can't wait to hear what everyone else thinks of this app, because clearly I'm in love. (like seriously I'm fan-girling)





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