6 Apps Every Student Needs To Survive College

There’s no denying that college is already super hard and overwhelming. With the seemingly unending deadlines, piles of homework, examinations, peer pressure, and all-nighters fueled by energy drinks and endless amounts of coffee. But, projects and homework don’t have to be a nightmare. With the right resources, you can make your life easier. Here, we rounded up the best 6 apps every college student should have on their phone.

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Evernote (Free)

This app is the only app you will need to fix your messy notes. Evernote is packed with features that will help you organize your class notes and projects And the best thing is, it syncs to your other devices, be it an audio note, text, image, or video! You will never have to worry about losing those a precious homework assignment again. And if  you find yourself stuck on a math problem, you can easily get homework help here.

Skype (Free)

There are a lot of messaging and video-chatting platforms available today, but nothing compares to Skype when it comes to reliability and support. Just in case you need to talk to your friends about a certain project you are working on, or you want to call your family back home.

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Google Drive (Free)

During your time at college, you will collect a huge amount of files that need to be properly stored. And where else better to save those important documents than Google Drive! Google Drive also gives you access to apps similar to Microsoft Office, which means you can work on your projects anytime and anywhere with an Internet connection.

iTunes U (Free)

If you own an iPhone, or any Apple Device, downloading iTunes U will be for the best. iTunes U gives you access to an incredibly large library of courses and seminars given by professors from well-known universities. You can expand your knowledge in  areas likes the Arts, Psychology, Mathematics, and Foreign Languages. Plus you may be able to find a cheaper copy of your textbook on the app!

Twitter (Free)

Staying in the know is an important part of college, and no better way to do this than getting yourself on Twitter. It is also a fun way for letting your friends know about what have you been up to. Follow your favorite celebrities, bloggers, and news agencies to make sure you will get all the juicy details right on your phone as soon as they are happening.

Mint.com (Free)

Since you may be  far from your parents and living alone can be really expensive, it is a good thing to keep yourself on a budget. Mint.com lets you track your spending and know when you are going over your budget. You can also add your credit cards and savings account to help sort out your transactions.

Spotify (Free)

Spotify is the only music app that every college student needs! With millions of songs available, your study session is sure to be an enjoyable one especially when you are listening to your favorite artists. Do you jam out to Fetty Wap or do you prefer studying to a Soothing Waters playlist in the background? Whatever you like, it is on Spotify!

Uber (Free)

Uber is the most popular ride-sharing app right now. Whether you are off to an important group study session or just need a safe ride home for the night, Uber is for you. Plus it lets you split fare if you are riding with friends!

Fast Scanner (Free)

Have you ever had a really picky professor who doesn’t allow file types other than a pdf, but you saved it as a .doc and printed it out instead? Don’t worry, because Fast Scanner lets you scan any document and have it automatically save it as a pdf.

Dictionary.com (Free)

You need to have Dictionary.com on your phone, for the biggest reason being that t lets you search for those words you are unsure about when you’re writing that research paper. Never make the mistake of using a word you are uncertain about just because it sounds fancy and looks cool. Search for its etymology and its meaning before using it. This app is also a great help for when you are playing Scrabble and other word games with your friends!

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