Day Designer Discount Code!

If you don't already know how obsessed I am with my Day Designer please read here, here, here and here before continuing...

Ok, now that you know of my great love for the Day Designer, and maybe have developed one for yourself, you'll understand the importance of what I'm about to say - are you ready? Day Designer reached out to me to give you guys a DISCOUNT CODE for their Midyear planners!! (I currently use their Midyear planner!) 

Why is this a huge deal?! Day Designer NEVER in the history of the world (exaggerating because I'm so excited) has offered discount codes like this before. It's huge! 

With school back in session and the busy fall season upon us, life can get pretty hectic. Our friends at Day Designer have helped so many women find balance and focus in their busy lives with their strategic planning systems.

I am SO excited to offer a 20% discount code for their Midyear Collection so that you can start setting goals and taking action now! Head on over to, to shop their Midyear Collection and save 20% with discount code Midyear20AM.

The code is valid through September 13th, so if you've been wanting a Day Designer go buy one right now! I honestly have never seen them cheaper! 

Happy planning everybody!



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