Dorm Safety with SABRE {+ Giveaway}

Back in August SABRE reached out to me asking about safety on my college campus. (Originally I was really interested in their pepper spray/drink test duo kit, but unfortunately you can't mail pepper spray to Massachusetts)

I ended up getting the chance to try out their Dorm/Apartment Kit. It's basically 3 intense alarms: one personal, one window, and one door. 

The door alarm looks just like a door stop. You slip it back behind a closed door when you don't expect anyone to come into your apartment or dorm. Because there are 4 people in my apartment, once everyone is home for the night we can place the alarm by the main door. And on weekends when people go home or go out I can place it just on my bedroom door. When the door is opened unexpectedly, it pushes down on the stop which sets off the alarm. 

The window alarm can also double as a door alarm. It's a white box that has two part and whenever the door or window is opened (once activated obviously), the alarm goes off. I have mine on my bedroom door for when I don't use the doorstop since the windows at UMass are pretty difficult to open from the inside, let alone the outside. 

The personal alarm is honestly the coolest! I have it on my keychain and I bring it with me everywhere! Since I couldn't get the pepper spray, I figured this was the next best thing, and I feel a little more safe with it. If the pin is pulled, it sounds an alarm! 

The point of all of this is personal safety. Whether you're already in college or just applying, personal safety on campus is huge. I can't tell you the number of times my friends or I have felt unsafe just walking around in broad daylight let alone at night, and it can be scary being in a dorm or apartment with a new roommate for the first time. 

I would highly recommend if you can to invest in a personal alarm, pepper spray and most importantly a drink test kit! They aren't expensive and can give you peace of mind and even save your life. 

Win a Dorm/Apartment Kit

SABRE was kind enough to send me a second kit to give to one of my readers! Enter below for your chance to win! Winners will be announced on October 5th!