New Year, New Me

New Year, New Me

As cliche as it is, the new year (and my birthday!) are around the corner. Every year I take this time to reflect on how I’ve been living my life, what worked and what didn’t, and what positive things I can add to my daily routine while removing some bad habits. This year (again-super cliche) I’m focusing on my heath.

If you’ve been follow along with my for a while you may remember how in 2017 I lost about 40 lbs using Kayla Itsine’s SWEAT app., and started the journey to becoming the best me both physically and mentally.

Unfortunately, a mediation I began in early 2018 caused me to gain most of that weight back along with other symptoms. I stopped the medication, but now my goal for 2019 is to really focus on my health and fitness and get back to feeling 100% myself again.

I will be using the SWEAT app again, and have already re-started the 4-week beginner course to prep for the new year. The only things you need for this program, or any at home program are a yoga mat, some small weights and some work-out clothes to get you feeling in the zone. I couldn’t be more excited to have Pretty Little Thing helping me with my journey this new year. They were kind enough to send me a new yoga mat, and some pieces to get me started.


I’m so excited for this journey to begin, and incredibly thankful for Pretty Little Thing for supporting my in this New Year Fitness Journey!

Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet?



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