I LOVE crafting. I'm obsessed.  I could sit in my room painting things and pouring glitter until my hands turned numb.  The problem with doing this in the 10ft x 8 ft dorm room is that theres not too much space to glitter as my heart desires. 

Apartment Hunting

Life has been hectic with midterms, my job and mourning over the loss of not being in a sorority.  It's safe to say there have been plenty of late nights, devoured brownies, and time spent watching season after season of Grey's Anatomy. 

Back on Campus

The first week of my freshman year I may have been the only one who was not homesick; and I didn't feel homesick until our laundry room in the basement flooded (for the first time).  But this year is different.  When I was at home I actually made attempts to spend time with my parents - because I actually wanted to. Weird, I know.  My relationship with all of my parents (child of divorce) strengthened this past summer, and it was a lot tougher to leave. 

I have tried pretty much everything you can buy at CVS for your skin.  Growing up even when I didn't have acne, I've always had blotchy, red, skin. It's something I used to be very self conscious about that I'm just now starting to get over. Plus I have a skin allergy to Tea Tree Oil that makes it hard to get higher end products.