My Most Recent Project

I am so SO excited to be launching my Etsy shop! My shop will feature some graphics (drawn by me!), possibly photographs, and web design and logo services! In preparation for my launch I have been working with a few different people who are launching their own websites. I've been doing all of the web design and logos for them and will display them on the day of my launch! 


 My my favorite person to be working with is Mandy from the Quirky Conservative! She has such amazing content and personality but her blog definitely was not displaying all of her awesomeness! Her new site should be launching this coming Monday. If you haven't read her blog then you need to. 

I can't wait to hear all of your feedback about my Etsy shop and anything you'd like to see there. Is there anything you've been wishing for like a planner that hasn't been invented yet or anything specific you can't find anywhere else? Let me know! I want to make my shop tailored to my fabulous readers.