Campus Necessities with Babbleboxx

As you may know next Thursday I leave for my junior year of college and I couldn't be more excited! The last few weeks before I leave to head back to school are always hectic, but they're arguably my favorite few weeks of the year. I love getting new supplies and finding fun things for my apartment.

A few weeks ago BabbleBoxx reached out to me about a Campus Shevival kit: basically it was a super cute {care package-esque} box filled with fun things every girl needs for college.


When I found out I was getting this camera I was PUMPED! If you follow me on Instagram you know I'm not-so-subtly obsessed with ~aesthetic~ pics, and the cute vintage-y look of these intent pics from the INSTAX will help me up my Instagram game and even help me decorate my new apartment. 

I have a big DSLR camera, but I almost never take it out because I don't want to break it, so I take most of my photos on my iPhone, but I'm planning on bringing this fun camera around in my backpack this semester. The sense on this camera is shockingly cool. When I first turned it on I was not expecting what I saw: the lense automatically adjusted for each of the different settings, including a selfie setting #moreselfiesplease.

| Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula FlipBlams |

Round chapsticks were the trend of 2015, but I'm pretty sure everyone and their mother abandoned the trend after the first time dropping their chapstick or losing the cap. But I think we can all agree we still love the round chapstick even with the flaws. 

When I first opened the FlipBalm's I thought they were just like every other chapstick, but they're so different and SO COOL! The cap literally flips open and closed, so if you drop it it will close, and you'll never lose the cap! I've had two in my purse for two weeks now and nothing has happened to them. I swear it's the longest I've ever owned one chapstick. If any chapstick can survive in my backpack I think this one is it. 

| Simply Sensitive Summer's Eve Cleansing Cloths |

I actually have used this and every other Summer's Eve product before. I love all things Summer's Eve. I keep the regular pack of wipes in my bathroom at all times and these little packs in my backpack, gym bag, and purse. If you're going to buy one thing to carry with you everywhere: buy these! Seriously. 

| GreenPan Mini Ceramic Non-Stick Square Eqq Pan | 

Oh my gosh. This pan looks so cool. I think I've said cool 23 times so far, but everything in this box is cool.

The Square GreenPan is one of those non-stick pans, but the cool part is it's tiny and square shaped! Why is this cool? Because it's the perfect sized pan to make eggs for egg sandwiches! (and grilled cheese, and french toast and a ton of other yummy things - they sent a cookbook!)

Now that I'm living in an apartment I'll be cooking most of my meals, so this will come in very handy, but even when I lived in a dorm, I used the communal kitchen to cook meals on the weekend all the time.  

| Zebra Pen Assortment | 

PENS! I love pens, and colorful pens, and just pens of all kinds. Zebra sent 4 types of pens:

  • Sarasa Gel pens featuring our Rapid Dry Ink technology
  • Z-Grip Plus Ballpoint pens featuring our smoothest low-viscosity ballpoint ink
  • H-301 Steel Highlighter, which is part of our core Steel line of products
  • F-301 BCA, which is a Breast Cancer Awareness pink barrel decorated steel ballpoint with black ink

I pretty much love them all and they will come in very handy when I decide halfway through the semester to start color coding my agenda. But Ballpoint pens are my absolute favorite type of pens so the Z-Grip's were my favorite of the bunch!

Have you found any fun new things for campus this year? 



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School Supplies

I officially move back to UMass in 10 days! Oh my gosh, this summer has gone by so fast, and these last few weeks have been so hectic. But this is my favorite time of the year! 

I'm one of those people who love getting new school supplies. Not just in a small way, in a 'I walk around staples for fun making notes about what I should get for next semester months ahead of time' way.

After attempting to use binders my freshman year, and attempting to just type my notes sophomore year, I finally found my perfect middle ground: 1 notebook with a built in folder for each class and all my notes typed into Google Drive to help make study guides easier.  

| 5 White Notebooks | 

I've heard of some people buying one five subject notebook for all of their classes, but I like to be able to lend my friends a notebook and only bring what I need to the library. Last semester I got 5 heavy duty wooden/cardboard type notebooks that were great but super heavy, so I decided to get the standard staples brand ones for this semester in white, because you know ~aesthetic~.

| Gel Pens and 6 Colored Highlighters and White Out | 

I only use black pens to write notes for class, but I have a set of 12 colored pens that I use literally just to color code my assignments agenda. I assign each class a color and use that color highlighter for my notes and textbooks. 

White out is a necessity because I just can't use pencil in my agenda, it feels to weird. Maybe I'm crazy. 

| Day Designer for Blue Sky |

As you may know, I love my Day Designer, it's basically my life and it comes everywhere with me, but I hate filling it with every little assignment for school then note having room for my to-do lists. So I bought a second one from Blue Sky just for my assignments and academic to-do lists. This allows me to keep my personal/work Day Designer on my desk. 

| Adorable Sugar Paper LA for Target Things | 

Because why not. I always use little binder clip and paper clips but the fact that they come in these cute little jars is too perfect. I also loved this 'oops' eraser. Having cute desk accessaries always gives me a little more motivation to get work done. 

What are your go-to school supplies?



Disney & Moving

The last two weeks have been the craziest weeks of my life! Thursday, July 21, I left for a road trip to Disney world with my mom and that side of my family. And at the same time my dad was packing up his house because on August 1st we moved out of the house I called my home for the last four years. 

Disney was so much fun! (at least I thought so) A lot had changed since I had gone as a kid: the characters don't walk around like they used to, and it seemed a lot less magical than it did, but I still had an amazing time! I went down with my boyfriend, grandparents, parents, brother, and family friends totaling 12 of us. 10 of us drove down and my grandparents met us down there. 

The drive was... tough, but it was worth it. We rented this gorgeous house outside of Orlando and it was so nice being able to cook our own food and have a pool all to ourselves. Monday we went to Magic Kingdom, Wednesday we went to Animal Kingdom and MGM, and Friday we went to Epcot. Epcot is still my favorite place in all of Disney I could walk the countries for hours. 

my boyfriend staring at his phone....

my boyfriend staring at his phone....

Saturday morning my boyfriend and I flew back with my grandparents because I had to help my dad and his wife finish packing and I had to make sure I was home by Monday so I could go to work. 

As of August 1st I have moved 21 times in the course of my 19 years. Now, this seems like a lot and it is, but because my parents are separated it isn't nearly as much as it seems like, but it's still crazy that I've lived in more houses than my age. 

This was by far the most emotional move for me. This last house was where I lived when I went to high school, met my boyfriend, met some of my best friends, got accepted into college; it's where my little brother was born and raised and where I got my license. A lot of milestones in my life happened in this house. I may not have lived there my whole life, but it feels like I grew up there. 

Taking my damask key off my keychain was one of the hardest things I've ever done, but I know that my family will make amazing memories in the new house, and that it's someone else turn to grow up in my house! 

How's everyone's summers going?! Have you gone on vacation or moved?





How to Make a Google Sheet Syllabus

The first week of every semester is simultaneously the easiest and most stressful week of the semester for me every year. Even though no actual assignments are due, and your only real responsibility is to decide if you like your classes or not, you're also handed 4, 5 or 6 syllabi outlining your life for the next 16 weeks. 

I always sit down during syllabus week and put all my assignments into my planner, but this past semester I realized I needed something else. I love having my Google Calendar synced to my phone and having my classes and meetings pop up 30 minutes before I need to be there, but I knew entering all my assignments into the task bar on Google Calendar would be too irritating, time consuming, and it didn't offer exactly what I wanted. 

Desktop View

Desktop View

As a business major, Excel has become my best friend, and my new found love for Google Drive made me realize that creating a virtual, editable syllabus on google sheets was the perfect solution! 

Why It's Perfect

When I used to just write all my assignments in my planner I always struggled with how much information I should write, and where. There's never enough room in the monthly layouts to write enough and assignments are always added or may change before I want to write them in my weekly, or now daily, layouts. 

Phone View

Phone View

Having all my syllabi converted into a fun, colorful, sheet on Google Docs makes it quick and easy for me to see all my assignments and make any changes necessary whenever they're needed. And having the Google Sheets app on my phone makes it so simple. If an assignment is pushed back, cancelled, or added on to, I can make note of that. (Sheets also tracks any changes that have been made so you can go back and see your original syllabus if necessary!)

Another thing I love is I can track when I start and complete assignments! I always cross off when I finish an assignment in my planner, but sometimes I'll start a reading for one class and have to stop and run to a meeting and forget that I started it. Then later I may attempt to restart it before I realize it all sounds a little too familiar, and I start looking for my original notes. It just becomes a hassle.

Being able to track and manage my syllabi in a flexible way is the best feeling!  

How I Do It {+ a free template} 

On every syllabus sheet I have 5 columns: Assignments; Due Date; Started; Finished; Notes. 

Desktop View

Desktop View

| Assignments | 

Under the Assignments column I write everything I need to know about the assignment. If I have to read 10 random sets of pages from one of the books assigned to a class, I write all of the individual pages, and even notes on how I think I should write my notes for the readings. 

For classes like accounting and calculus where we had a lot of problem sets and actual weekly homework due, I would write everything my teacher had listed on the syllabus; and I would include whether the assignment was digital or on paper ,and if it had to be handed in in person or online. 

| Due Date | 

For things like research papers, or digital assignments with given due dates, I just wrote the given dates in this column. But for my online classes or classes where readings were assigned in bulk and didn't have a specific due date I would assign one for myself based on what I knew I had due on other days and which content I had to have done for my exams. 

As an example, one of my classes had no assigned homework, just a bunch of "optional" readings that if you didn't complete you would probably fail the exams. Each reading was between 20-45 pages. I knew thoroughly going through the reading and taking notes would take me at least 3 hours. So I would look at my calendar and see what days I already had a lot of stuff due, what days I knew I would be busy working on those assignments with structured due dates, and planned around them assigning faux due dates for each reading based on the openings in my schedule. 

| Started & Finished | 

This was the best part of the syllabus for me! Having the Google Sheets app on my phone made it so easy to check off when I was starting an assignment, so that when I looked at my to-do list for the week I could see what I had start, what was done, and what still needed to be worked on. 

Phone View

Phone View

| Notes | 

The notes section I ended up adding later on (one of the benefits of an editable digital syllabus!) and it was super helpful. I used it for jotting down where I left off on my reading, or questions I should ask my professors in their office hours, even questions I think may be on the exams or points I think I should study more. 

Once my problem or question was cleared up I would delete the note. It was almost like crossing something off a learning to-do list. And if I ever needed to see it again, Sheets saves all changes and you can go back and look at all your old notes. 

Making a syllabus on Google Sheets was the game changer of my college career, and I am such a geek that I can't wait to make another one this September! 

When do you go back to school?



Twin XL Sheets

The one college necessity that I love to shop for is sheets! They're the backdrop of many Instagram posts, they're the pop of color and pattern in my dorm, and they honestly just make me happy. But as soon as I'm at school it's almost impossible for me to find these sheets anywhere. So I've found five adorable sheet sets made just for Twin XL!

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