Backpacks for College

Backpacks are a serious college staple. When I first went to college I was convinced the the tote bags I used in high school would be fine, and I could get away without a backpack - no. I was very wrong. 

You have to carry so many things with you to class since you won't be near your dorm all the time, that tote bags just aren't practical. 

All four of these backpacks are perfect for college because they take care of the essentials: they all have a separate compartment for your laptop; they all have one or more smaller pockets for pens or a calculator; they're all lightweight and easy to carry around campus; and all (but the Herschel) have a separate compartment just for your water bottle! Because trust me, your water bottle is your new best friend on campus. 

Leaper Lightweight Deer Print - $26 |

What's your go-to backpack for campus?