Keep Moving Forward

Everyone needs a break sometimes. It's been three months since I last blogged, and the break was needed. I never thought I would take three days off bloging let alone three months, but I was drowning. My course work was getting to me, the annual conference I plan was becoming more time consuming, I stared working full-time over winter break, and blogging began to feel like a chore. 

When I got back to campus for second semester I knew I needed to focus on school, the conference, and myself. I didn't give myself a date or a timeline of when I'd return to blogging, I just gave myself time, time to love it again. 

συνέχισε μπροστά: keep moving forward. I got this tattoo as a reminder that unexpected things happen. Relationships fall apart, friendships end; and sometimes you have no control and soemtimes you may not know why. 

There are things in life that Type A people like me can't plan for. My Day Designer doesn't have a section for dealing with the loss of a friend or relationship. But I can keep moving forward. 

Taking this break from blogging, and taking this time to focus on myself has helped me discover who I am. Keep moving forward, συνέχισε μπροστά, take a break, give yourself what you need for you. 

I'm excited to finally be back to blogging and to be excited about it! I'm also excited and nervous about this new chapter of my life.

How has your new year been?! Do you have a new motto?