5 Best Backpacks for College (Under $100)

5 Best Backpacks for College (Under $100)

I've said it before and I'll say it again: every college student needs a backpack. I swear by my tote bags. I own more black tote bags than most people, but even I have realized the necessity of backpacks in college. If you're heading to school soon and you're still looking for that perfect backpack, here are 5 great options!*

5 Best Backpacks for College

Most of these bags feature what I consider college essentials: laptop sleeves, pockets for your water bottle, and a small pocket for your phone/headphones/wallet. When looking for a bag for college try to find one with all or most of these things. If you don't you'll find yourself wishing you had. 

The Northface 'Classic Borelais' Backpack - $98

This is the bag I've used my whole college career. It's nice, great quality, pockets for everything; but for someone like me who likes to bring a ton of stuff to class (giant agenda, notebooks, laptop, my fridge, small children, etc.) it lacks the ability to expand. 

Danielle Carolan's DC Backpack - $40 [$60]

This backpack was designed by one of my favorite youtubers Danielle Carolan! Honestly, I wasn't considering purchasing it until I watched her What's in my Backpack video and realized that it was the perfect backpack for me (literally designed for my Day Designer) check it out if you haven't! It's a a great option for people who want a quality backpack on a budget! But preorder it before August 15 or the price will go up to $60!

Billabong Home Abroad Backpack - $54.95

Another inexpensive yet spacious backpack for school! 

The North Face 'Recon' Backpack - $99

This is the more spacious version of my Borelais backpack. If you love Northface or want the 'Classic' Northface look but need more space, the Recon is perfect. 

Urban Originals 'Lola' Vegan Leather Backpack - $98

This is probably the least functional of all of the bags (only one without laptop or waterbottle pockets - AKA ESSENTIALS) but if you favor fashion over function, this bag is big enough, while also being a fashionable wardrobe staple. 

*this post is not sponsored, these opinion are my own. 
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