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2017 Back to College Packing List

This list is specifically for moving into a dorm, but the basics apply for an apartment or house as well. And keep in mind going through this list that these are the basics you will need in a dorm, and a few things I've found helpful; there will be other things you may decide you need or want. Use the note pages on the PDF print-out to your advantage! Write down anything extra you think you'll need, make a list of clothing you think you'll need to pack, or even anything you already have! 

Today's the day, I am moving out of my first dorm and headed home for the summer.  This is such a bittersweet day for all of us. I've spent the last week complaining about school and dying to go home, but as soon as I finished my last final I knew I never wanted to leave.  My freshman year has been amazing.  It wasn't what I had expected my first year of college to be like, but