Inspiration Day

Inspiration Day

Last week I was flustered. Whenever I get in a rut in one part of my life I start feeling disorganized and overwhelmed towards every part of my life. Writers block was my biggest problem. I just couldn't seem to find inspiration in anything I did. Instead of succumbing to my flustered feeling I decided that this past weekend I was going to give myself and Inspiration Day. Inspiration Days are days that are oddly not what they seem like.

Whenever I designate a day to be "Inspiration Day" I devote the day to not thinking about blogging. Ironic right? When I get writers block I tend to try and make everything I do applicable for something to write about, which stresses me out. When I take a day to just enjoy my experiences, usually Sundays, I feel like I get to start the week off with a clear mind. 

This past weekend a good friend from my high school came up to visit me. Sunday morning we decided to go into town and get some bagels. Instead of taking the bus she suggested walking, which was about twenty minutes, so I agreed. It was beautiful! Amherst, MA, in the fall is amazing. The leaves are changing color, the temperature is perfect, the sun is shining and the people just look so relaxed.

Corinne and I started our morning out with some coffees in Starbucks (obviously) and sat on their porch for a while just talking and people watching. Then we grabbed some bagels from Amherst's famous bagel shop, Bruegger's. We must've spent 3 hours sipping coffee and eating our bagels and it was honestly so great. Getting to be relaxed and not rushed for a whole day is a great feeling. After snapping some pics our phones died but instead of being frustrated we were oddly happy. We were unplugged for an hour and it was great! 

Every blogger, actually everybody, should take an inspiration day. Don't plan it out. Just let it happen. Spend three hours drinking your coffee and looking at the leaves falling. Why not? You'll feel so much better after taking some time for yourself to enjoy your experiences. 

What do you do when you start feeling flustered? 



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