New Site Launch!

As you may have known I've been working on a little side business for myself called Exactly by Alex. Exactly is a digital design shop covering everything from designing new websites, rejuvenating existing ones, to even creating a simple business card or sticker design. In the weeks leading up to my site launch I've worked with multiple new clients, and I've continued working with clients who I had prior to the creation of my little business. 

Exactly by Alex is my baby and I am so so excited to be launching today! 

The main reason why I am showcasing this on my blog is because I wanted to reached out to all of the other bloggers in my niche. If you write a blog about college or high school, or you blog while in college or high school, I am offering design discounts. As a college student myself I know the financial hardships of being on your own/not being able to work full time like most adults. I also know what its like to be new to the blogging world, and wanting to hire a blog designer, but not being able to afford it. So I will be giving student bloggers their own personal discount. 

In my new business I will also work with anyone who wants a beautiful web design but may not be able to afford it. I can set up a payment plan, and work to find out what you can afford and what options are best for you. I will never turn down a client due to them not being able to afford the sticker price. 

I hope to see some emails from my fabulous readers about this opportunity!