Holiday Dates on a Budget

As a college student, dating another college student, money for dates has dropped significantly since I don't have we don't have our completely disposable high school job incomes to rely on. So for this holiday season I've put together a list of fun dates that won't cost you your entire paycheck or balance in your checking account. 

Holiday Dates on a Budget

Take a Walk

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This is my favorite thing to do in the winter. (before it gets too cold) Bundle up and go to your towns center or downtown in your city and just walk around. Look at all the lights and decorations. Take pictures and goof off. I love to go to little open shopping centers, like Faneuil Hall in Boston, and window shop, see the tree and eat at the little food carts or sip hot cocoa while I'm walking.

Spend a night in   

Take your beau to the grocery store and get some ingredients to make dinner or to bake some goodies. This is fun if you both love to cook, but even more fun if you don't know how. Learn something new together, and then enjoy your home cooked meal. 

 Photo from

Photo from

If you really hate cooking then go to Target or RedBox and pick up a new movie that neither of you have seen and grab some of your favorite candies and popcorn flavors and make your own movie night. Cuddle up on the couch and enjoy each other company (and your favorite snacks).

Go Ice Skating!

 photo found w/o a link on Pinterest

photo found w/o a link on Pinterest

Unfortunately my boyfriend refuses to ever go iceskating in case of embarrassing himself, but I love it!

As long as one of you knows how to skate it can be super fun to teach the other or just skate around each other, race and just have a good time.

Plus it only costs about $10-15 for the both of you, and it's even cheaper if you already own your own skates. 

There's something for everyone in the holiday season, but the most important part about going on dates this time of year is to tai advantage of the things this season has to offer! Don't miss out on the beautiful lights and seasonal decorations!