Visiting UMass

I spent the afternoon in my soon-to-be college town today with my wonderful boyfriend, to get a feel for the town before my upcoming move-in date, and I couldn't be more in love with it! This is not the first, or tenth, time I've visited Amherst (I was actually born there), but ever since my first open house tour of UMass the fall of my senior year, Amherst has shown me why so many people come to love it. 

The small town in western MA is home to five colleges: UMass, Hampshire, Amherst, Mount Holyoke, and Smith. It's also home to some of the best restaurants I've ever been to, with the cheapest prices. If that isn't the single best thing that a college town could have, then I don't know what is. My day of touring, touring meaning eating at every place that sold food, cost me less than $25! Now I'll take you on a tour of my favorite spots in Downtown Amherst:

Rao's coffee is always my first stop in Amherst. This quaint, little, hidden coffee shop is the perfect place to grab.. well whatever you're really in the mood for, they have something for everyone, and the atmosphere is perfect for escaping with a book without completely isolating yourself from society. 

The Black Sheep is also an amazing little cafe with the best (vegan) pastries I've ever had!

Spotted @ Starbucks in Amherst

Spotted @ Starbucks in Amherst

Now when me and my boyfriend can't decide on one place to go to lunch, what do we do? we go to three places. Our first stop is Bueno y Sano: the iconic, most loved Mexican restaurant. With the name literally meaning "Good and Healthy" and the prices being below $10 a person, it's the perfect place for hungry college kids to get a quick, delicious, healthy meal. 

I'm not the most logical person, but after splitting a burrito bowl, I was craving pasta (and being made fun of for it), so I HAD to go to Pasta e Basta!


Pasta e Basta is by far my favorite italian restaurant. The food's AMAZING, service is always quick (I didn't have time to finish the bread they gave me before my meal came out) and friendly, and, of course, it doesn't hurt your wallet. Definitely one of the best spots in the town, with the best view if your seated on the second floor. With a bowl of pasta costing $8.00 how could you go wrong? This is the perfect college date-night spot. 


Now, last but not least. THE icon of Amherst, the #1 slice of pizza ever tasted: by anyone! Antonio's Pizza!  The best slice of pizza anyone could get for any price (but it's only $2 a slice) (p.s. That rhymed) it can't even be described. It's simply amazing. 

I'd love to here about your college towns! Don't be afraid to comment or find me through my social media links up top! 



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