Leggings are a Girl's Best Friend

Leggings are a Girl's Best Friend

No matter how much you pride yourself on being “overdressed” all of the time, every girl has been saved, or swore by, leggings.  Leggings are a girls best friend because they keep you comfy while also being able to change with the occasion. I swear I wear leggings four out of seven days a week. They’re just that versatile. 

Some people don’t wear leggings in the summer because they don’t think they can wear them without boots and have them still look non-athletic; but they’re wrong. Pairing a pair of black leggings, full length or crop, with a cute tunic like this Lilly Pulitzer one, (picture below) and a pair of colorful sandals is perfect for a cool summer day or hanging out in a breezy beach town.  

My go-to summer leggings outfit is a pair of black leggings with a white plain tank top. I can wear it when its hot with flip flops and a cute, chunky, statement necklace, with a light cardigan and a scarf when it's chilly, or when I know ill be freezing because of the AC. 

Leggings are also perfect with rain boots for rainy days in the spring, summer and fall, and even snowy days in the winter! Last year I traded in regular snow boots and Uggs for a pair of Hunter  rain boots.  They're perfect for the snow because they're water proof and you can buy Hunter boot socks (or use your own leg warmers) which basically winterize them. I love pairing my Hunters with leggings and cute tanks, tee's and sweaters when weather strikes. 

This is my idea of a perfect, rain ready, outfit for a college girl on the go:

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 1.29.14 PM.png

Leggings and riding boots have limitless possibilities. From sweaters and long sleeves to pullovers and cardi's. But my absolute favorite fall legging look is a good chambray shirt, some riding boots and a cute vest (like this one). Toss a cross body bag on and it's the perfect shopping outfit; or put on a sweater, roll up the sleeves, and add some pearls and your ready for a nice dinner out, or a family party.  

No matter what you wear your leggings with, tees, tanks, hoodies, button-ups, boots or flats, comfort is a high priority. I use to get my leggings from anywhere a long as they were cheap until I wondered why they were all ripping and stretching and fading. I had to keep buying more and more until my step-mom told me to get Lululemons. After putting on a pair of these leggings it was like my whole world changed. People always ask "is it really worth it to spend $80 on leggings?" Yes. Yes it is.

Before I made my first purchase I wanted to see how much I had spent on leggings at other places only to have them get ruined within two months of buying them. In one year I had spent $240.00 on 8 pairs of leggings from Victoria's Secret in 7 months. At $40 a pair I expected them to last a little longer, but lo and behold they too ripped, faded and stretched beyond use. After realizing this is made perfect sense to spend a little more in order to receive a much higher quality. 

Almost a year ago today I bought my first pair of Lululemon leggings, and I used that one pair about three times a week, every week, for about 10 months. They are still in perfect condition. Buying these leggings saved me $160.00, just enough to buy two more pair for college. 

I will ever only recommend these leggings both for their quality and for the fact that Lululemon will give you a new pair if they ever rip on a seam, become pilled or have any other form of manufacturer error. With their variety of styles, including some with pockets similar to jeans (they all have a pocket for keys or some cash), and other styles of pants, they're sure to have something for everyone. Get yours here. 

How do you wear your leggings? 



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