Writers Block: Blogging Edition

Every blogger's been there. That moment when you sit down at your computer with a thousand ideas then all of a sudden they're gone. Then your mind starts racing you start thinking that your blog is never going to survive, you start doubting yourself. I feel like I go through this thought process at least 20 times a week, but now I've come up with a few things to do when I start feeling this way.

When I first started my blog I was told that if I didn't blog everyday then  would never get any readers. Well that person was wrong. Once I stopped writing everyday of the week and switched to just weekdays I felt so much less pressure. Having those two days off gave me time to go out and experience new things to write about but also gave me time to sit down and brainstorm ideas, and even draft some posts.

If you're feeling overwhelmed and your mind blanks when you have to write a post everyday consider taking one or two days to focus. Sit down with your notebook and just write down everything you've done over the past week or anything you'd like to do. Once you've gotten there think about something you've done that other people may want to do. For example, spending a day in Boston or maybe you found a really cheap website to buy textbooks. Honestly anything you've done I'm sure someone out there has wanted to do the same. So expand on that. How did you do it? Why did you do it? 

Another great source of inspiration for me is reading other blogs. Just hearing from a new perspective can really open your eyes to maybe a new topic or a new style of writing. 

If you're feeling discouraged because your blog isn't getting enough traffic, then check out Seashell's and Sparkles best Pinterest links for blog help at all stages. It really helped me get out of my writing block blues and I bet it can help you too!