| DormCo Giveaway | & Review


As much as I love to shop, I get so nervous buying things like clothes and bedding online. I always wonder if a shirts going to fit right or if that sweater is going to be scratchy. And my once concern with this bedding was that it was going to be stiff and uncomfortable. Oh Boy was I mistaken. 

I honestly wish I had bought a bed set from them earlier. It's the perfect length for a dorm bed because its slightly longer on each side. If you have a mattress pad it could add up to six inches to your beds height, so having a longer comforter means it'll actually cover your entire mattress. 

And I LOVE the pattern! Everyone who has come into my room since I se it up has complimented me on it. 

I like that it doesn't fit just one style. It's not preppy it's not alternative, it's neutral. You can decorate around it and make it what you want!  I'll be posting pictures of how I styled it on my Instagram over the next few days. 

It's time!! The DormCo bedding giveaway is finally here! The giveaway will run from 12am on 2/24/15 to 12am on 2/27/15. 

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