Women of Isenberg Conference

Oh my goodness this has been one of the most busy months of my life! Five months ago I was invited to be apart of the Student Planning Committee for the 2016 Women of Isenberg Conference, which then consisted of four girls. This happened right after sorority recruitment (when I thought my life was over)  and I was super excited! 

The Women of Isenberg Conference is an annual conference put on by members of my club - Isenberg Women in Business. {btw - Isenberg is the business school at UMass} I didn't know what to expect going into my first planning meeting, but I definitely didn't expect for it to turn out as amazing as it has. 

The Conference was held yesterday, February 27th, and it was the first year that the Conference has been held in the Campus Center rather than inside of Isenberg! We had over 300 attendees, 40 speakers, 12 breakout panels, 9 corporate sponsors and 1 happy Alex! 

Working on this conference over the past five months has been the most rewarding experience of my life. The bond the five of us on the planning committee have after spending literally thousands of hours working together on this is incredible. The amount of times I've left Isenberg after 10pm, and the amount of sleep I didn't get was well worth it to see how perfect everything turned out on Saturday. 

The mission of this conference is now fully embedded in who I am.

I've learned so much about business, event planning, and just life in general working on this conference that I can't even express to you how appreciative I am to have been granted this opportunity and to have been able to work with such amazing people.

It was an amazing weekend (and I can't wait to start planning for 2017!) but now I am so ready to throw myself back into blogging! I've missed being in the blogosphere and I'm so happy to be back! 

Have you ever been involved in, or been to, an amazing event like this? 



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