To Splurge or Not to Splurge: That is the Question

We all have those big things we've splurged on, but were they always a good splurge? What does a good splurge mean? As a college student, who just recently discovered how quickly the summer job money goes away, splurging on anything seems kind of ridiculous to me now, but it is important on certain occasions. There are three things that I've splurged on in my past that have actually become probably the most used items I own! 

As a business major I'm often told to dress in either business casual or business professional. This is why my first splurge has become so necessary. Two years ago I splurged big time for a Nine West blazer that was originally $300, but I got it for $70 (it was on sale! I HAD to buy it.) My dad asked me why a 15 year old junior in high school needs a blazer like that. At that moment I actually had no use for it, but wouldn't you know a couple months later I got a job at an attorney's office, where I wore it all the time! And now that I have to look professional a lot of the time the blazer has become a staple in my academic wardrobe. 

Here is a look alike from Rebecca Minkoff (minus the sparkles and more a nude color). 

My second splurge came the sumer before my senior year. I had had my eye on this bag forever, I just needed a way to justify buying it. It was the Tory Burch large Ella Nylon Tote in black. It was my dream bag. I love large tote bags and this one was just perfect. My family had decided to take a trip to The Hamptons with a couple of family friends and I saw the bag in the Tory Burch in East Hampton. I had the money, all I needed was an excuse. I told my parents I was going to buy it instead of a new backpack because all of my books for the upcoming year were e-books, so I wouldn't need a big backpack, and it was more than big enough to fit all of my supplies for class. And guess what they agreed! At first I thought I was just using this as an excuse to to get the bag for myself, but it actually turned out to be true! It was the perfect bag for my senior year and I use it all the time now that I'm in college! This was definitely one of the best purchases made in my life so far. 

(I cannot take credit for purchasing the bag, since I used it for school my step mother purchased it for me- Thank you Court!!) 

My most recent splurge is a Kate Spade Duffle Bag. It's a really large duffle bag that folds whiten itself into a small pouch. No one understood why I was buying a duffle bag, but you know what? I use it almost every day! Especially when we go grocery shopping. As a broke college student I have to take the bus to the grocery store so carrying a ton of bags back on the bus is a pain... But all I have to do is put the folded up bag into my large Tory Tote (above) and bring it with me. Then when I get to the check out line I pull out my duffle bag, open it up and almost all my groceries always fit. (once they gave me a discount at Target for being creative) A duffle bag is an amazing idea for college and this adorable one from Kate Spade is amazing! Search their outlet stores for it when you're there, it's definitely a great splurge!

What are some of the things you've splurged on that have turned out great?!



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