My Library Necessities

My Library Necessities

Its midterm season. Cue the exhausted sigh... now. I feel like I've moved into the library at this point, and oddly enough, I don't mind it. My school library has a little coffee shop in it called "The Procrastination Station". It sounds like a place you wouldn't get any work done but it's become the place where I'm my most productive (and like a second home.) 

Since I've been spending so much time in the library, and so have most of my college aged readers, I put together a list of my library necessities!

| a large hot coffee |

If you asked me on any normal day I would tell you that I preferred hot cocoa to coffee, but when I'm studying I love having coffee because it gives me a little extra kick. *tip for your study-time coffee- try to make it slightly more bitter than you normally drink it, it will help you limit having too much coffee and the bitterness can help keep you focused! 

| headphones & chargers |

Headphones are a necessity at all times, but especially in the library. No one wants to hear your music and you don't want o hear anybody else's conversations music or noise. And no matter how long you charge your devices before you go, you will need a charger at some point. You'll be surprised how quickly time flies when your in the library. 

| healthy snacks |

I love chocolate i really do. And I love pretty much every unhealthy snack in the world. That's why its super hard for me to not bring a snickers bar to the library. Bringing healthy snacks, like apples and peanut butter, helps you curb the snack urge while also giving you enough energy to keep working and ward off procrastination. 

| your favorite Pandora STUDY station | 

You may love your Beyonce radio (I know I do) but listening to a station that you know is going to want to make you sing and dance is not a good idea. Pick a station that you know you'll be able to listen to with out breaking out High School Musical style into song and dance in the library. Music is an amazing study resource if you use it correctly.

| an agenda | 

Always, always, always bring your agenda with you to the library!! It sounds obvious but the amount of people who don't is actually crazy. You need to have all of your assignments written in one place. Plus it's super fun to get to cross something off your to-do list as soon as you've finished it.

| a cozy sweatshirt |

I love getting dressed up, but the library is not the place for that. I spend hours there, sometimes I eat dinner there, so being comfortable is a priority. My outfit of choice for the library is an oversized hoodie, some moccasins and my favorite leggings. Comfort is a necessity! 

What are your library must-haves?



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