Madeline & Company Backpacks

School is almost here! (que happy dancing now!) I am so excited to go back to campus, but I have a huge list of stuff to get done before I go.  One of the things I need to do is buy a new backpack. 

Last year I invested over $100 into a north face backpack because I had always heard that those are the best.  I was sadly mistaken.  Only one binder and my laptop fit into the backpack, and I could barely squeeze my water bottle into the side pocket. 

During the Smart Girls Group conference, which I unfortunately could not attend, an adorable high school senior named Madeline, of Madeline & Company, debuted her new backpack collection {read her interview on The College Prepster Here} Guys, I am in love! These backpacks are literally perfect. 

  • it's almost 9 inches deep which allows you to carry plenty of books (why other backpacks don't have room for books baffles my mind)
  • There is a padded laptop sleeve built in to the inside
  • Cushioned shoulders and back
  • Water bottle sleeves on the side that aren't made out of mesh, but still waterproof
  • Small zippered pocket on the inside for your phone and any other small supplies (ex. pencils, pens, headphones, etc.)
  • And motivational words on the back panel of the bag to lift you up on your most stressful days! 

The bags come in eight color combinations: four featuring black as a base color and four featuring navy.  And some bags even have the cutest striped lining.

But my absolute favorite part of these bags is that they're Made in America! For the same price as a North Face backpack you're getting much more functionality and you're helping create jobs in your country.  

I'm ordering the black one with the gold and pink stripe this week (because it matches my blogs design and I love it so much).  Use the code "xocollegelife" for 10% off the purchase of your new backpack.  And be on the lookout for an updated What's in My Backpack post for sophomore year featuring my lovely new backpack coming soon! 



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