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5 Ways to Unwind After Midterms

Round one of midterms has finally come to an end! My mid-term week this year was extra-stressful because smack dab in the middle of it was the Conference I'd been planning for almost 5 months. It's safe to say I survived on a total of 17 hours of sleep and 10 gallons of coffee. 

If I've learned one thing this past year in college it's that planning ahead is everything.  I am not taking any summer classes, but this summer I will be studying - a lot.  In high school getting A's came easy to me; I didn't have to do much work, and I always seemed to grasp concepts easily.  But college is a whole other ball game. 

Outlining your textbook can be difficult. What do I write? How should I write it? How much is too much? The answer is there are no answers. Each person will learn to write textbook outlines in the best way for them. This is why I did not title this post "How-To...", this is what I've found to be the most effective way of textbook outlining.

My life for the past two weeks has been nothing but school work, studying, more school work, actual work, and making sure I got to sleep and eat in between those times. Let me tell you, a study break is very necessary sometimes. 

The Spark Notebook!

This past weekend while I was doing some blog research I stumbled upon this handy dandy new notebook prototype: The Spark Notebook.  This notebook is kind of revolutionary. Now I love the day designer, and I will be using that for my day-to-day planning and goal setting for my daily life next year, but for a blogger, a second planner is kind of necessary. And this one is perfect!