5 Ways to Unwind After Midterms

5 Ways to Unwind After Midterms

Round one of midterms has finally come to an end! My mid-term week this year was extra-stressful because smack dab in the middle of it was the Conference I'd been planning for almost 5 months. It's safe to say I survived on a total of 17 hours of sleep and 10 gallons of coffee. 

What got me through the week was a running list of things I made on a scrap piece of paper of all the things I wanted to do to treat myself after everything was over. 

Here are my five things to help you unwind after midterms week:

| Plan a Day in Bed | 

I always day "I'm not leaving my bed tomorrow", but to actually make it so I didn't have to leave bed once everything was over I stocked up on food, made a plan to order wings for dinner, and held off on starting Fuller House so I could binge watch it without stress! 

| DIY Spa Time | 

During my day in bed, I figured it was the perfect time to catch up on face masks and a new nail color since I clearly wasn't going anywhere any time soon. I always keep a few $2 face masks from CVS on hand, but I'm itching to try this origins one! 

| Buy a New Snap-On Laptop Case |

My laptop case got DESTROYED over the last two months with the amount I'm dragging my laptop around. (one reason I need to start thinking about saving up for an iMac - eekk big girl purchase #1) 

I have been dying to get a new laptop case, but I've grown to hate spending money on things I don't NEED (#poorcollegestudentproblems), so post-midterms week when my laptop case is literally cracking is the perfect time. 

I still haven't found the perfect one, but I'm feeling this one from Speck

| Get a New Sweatshirt / T-Shirt from your College | 

My Mom bought me the best Isenberg sweatshirt over the weekend when she came up for the Conference and I'm in love and it totally lifted my post-midterm crappy spirits. I definitely recommend treating yourself to a nice new fluffy sweatshirt, or a crisp new tee if your school isn't in the frozen tundra like UMass. 

| Sleep | 

Guys I slept for 19 hours last weekend. That is no joke. During midterms week one night I legitimately slept for an hour and a half, that's not sleeping, that's a nap. My entire night's sleep was a nap. As soon as the Conference was over I was trying to type up some notes and fell asleep in my bed at 6pm. My boyfriend woke me up periodically to tell me to eat or take my migraine medication, but I didn't come to consciousness until 1pm the next day. 

My body was in serious need of recovery. Hours of sleep lost for studying, and conference planning had drained me. Make sure you don't plan anything overly time consuming or stressful the week immediately following midterms so you can give your body a chance to recover. 

Did you have midterms this week? What are some of your tips to unwinding when they're over?



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