Starting BBG

My weight was never something I ever really struggled with until very recently.

I’ve always had small body image issues or things I’d want to fix (who doesn’t), but my laziness has always outweighed my desire to lose 5 lbs. But for the last 10 years I’ve suffered from migraines, and last summer I was diagnosed with chronic cluster migraine.

My official diagnosis meant I was finally going to get some medication and relief to my symptoms (yay!), but it also meant some trial and error with different pills. Over the last 9 months of trial I gained 35 pounds; going from my original 132 for my height of 5’1” to 166, with my last medication helped me lose 9 of those lbs.  

Now that I have a working prescription for my migraines I have to be monitored by not only a neurologist, but a cardiologist because of my family history of high blood pressure and some of the side effects of my medications. At my last cardiologist appointment my doctor said I had to start monitoring my blood pressure once a day, and then he said something to me that no lazy girl wants to hear, “you need to lose 10-15 lbs”.

We talked about my diet, it’s not wonderful, but it’s not awful either! And he couldn’t figure out why I had leveled out at the weight I was at for such a long time. He then decided I should considered a HIIT workout training plan to help jumpstart my system back into gear. I internally cringed. Then I Instagram searched fitness bloggers. 

I had stumbled on Kayla Itsines before, and my roommate had done her Beach Body Guide program in high school. So I decided that I was going to start it the next week, or the Monday of my Spring Break so I could be sore in my own bed. 

Oh my goodness guys this program is intense!! I am have only done day one but I can barely move! Even though my first workout was tough, I am going to stick to it. I’m promising myself and you guys that I will not stop until I at least finish the 12 week program. And once I finish [if I’m brave enough] I’ll post my before and afters! 

I’m so excited to be in the #bbgcommunity and can’t wait to connect with other members!

Have you ever done the Beach Body Guide, or a program like it?



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