BioClarity Skin Care

disclaimer: this product was given to me for promotional purposes, but this post was not paid for by BioClairty and all thoughts are my own. 

Being in college, keeping my skin clear can be tough. I've never been someone who struggled with severe acne, or cystic acne, but waking up with acne never leads to a good day.

When BioClarity reached out to me I was a little skeptical. I can never use natural products because I'm allergic to Tea Tree Oil and it's in almost EVERY natural based beauty product out there. But once I found out there wasn't any type of oil I could have an allergic reaction to, I figured, why not!

BioClairty has 3 steps: Cleanse, Treatment, and Restore Gel. The instructions recommend doing all three steps twice a day (in the morning and before bed). But because I didn't always have acne, and may major problem is redness I only did steps 1 and 3 everyday and added the second step in when I noticed my skin acting up. 

My biggest problem with my skin is redness. Right on my nose and over my cheeks are always red - it basically looks like I always have a sunburn. But Step 3 is literally dark green, and acts as a green concealer. it calms the redness to the point where I don't have to put regular concealer on to block it. Not having to wear a ton of makeup to feel great makes me feel so confident! 

I continued to use my microdermabrasion system in conjunction with the BioClarity just to help get any extra dead skin off of my face once a week.  

Overall, I really love the cleanser and Floralux Gel, and I loved the treatment as a spot treatment! If you're looking for an easy on your skin, and easy to use, system you can use the code ALEX to get 50% off your first month!

What's your go-to skin care product?



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