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If I've learned one thing this past year in college it's that planning ahead is everything.  I am not taking any summer classes, but this summer I will be studying - a lot.  In high school getting A's came easy to me; I didn't have to do much work, and I always seemed to grasp concepts easily.  But college is a whole other ball game. 

This summer I will be studying for calculus in preparation for the fall after completely failing at life in that class last semester.  To make studying more fun, I decided to put together a cute Lilly-Inspired binder insert.

Today's the day, I am moving out of my first dorm and headed home for the summer.  This is such a bittersweet day for all of us. I've spent the last week complaining about school and dying to go home, but as soon as I finished my last final I knew I never wanted to leave.  My freshman year has been amazing.  It wasn't what I had expected my first year of college to be like, but

About a year ago I began searching Pinterest for the best college packing list. Once I found the perfect one I felt like I had to buy everything on it or I wouldn’t be prepared for college. But buying all that stuff didn't help me prepare, it just cluttered up my dorm. Here are four trendy dorm purchases you shouldn't buy, and what you should bring instead.