Where to Find Inspiration

Being inspired is arguably the most important thing for living a happy and productive life. Regardless of whether you're a blogger, artist, stay at home mom, or CEO, staying inspired is the key to feeling excited and motivate to getting up and living your day to the fullest. 

Whenever I get in an uninspired slump I always have my ____ go to places for guaranteed inspiration. 

| Pinterest | 


This one is probably one of the most obvious in the list. Pinterest is the go-to place for motivation for EVERYTHING. You want to eat healthy? Take up running? Find a cute outfit? Need a good quote? Whatever you need to get your day started on a good note can most definitely be found on Pinterest. 

| My Likes on Instagram | 


Rather than scrolling through new accounts, or mindlessly going through my newsfeed, I go through the photos I've most recently liked. I try to make it a point to only 'like' photos that I actually like, so that when I go onto my 'likes' its basically an inspiration board and a whole pile of photo ideas. 

| A New Coffee Shop | 


As much as I love Starbucks, when I'm in a mental funk going to a new place, sitting outside and just journaling or planning with my phone off is the best feeling. New coffee shops are the best places to people watch and just relax {plus you can get some killer insta pics} 

| Yoga in the Park | 


Grab your yoga matt, turn off your laptop and get outside. Even if you're not into yoga just sitting by yourself or with a couple of friends without technology relaxing or stretching clears your mind. A clear mind = major inspiration and an intense drive to be productive.  

Where do you turn when you're feeling uninspired?