Summer Makeup Routine

Summer Makeup Routine

I absolutely love makeup! I am someone who could spend hours in Sephora and not even realize more than 10 minutes have gone by. When I'm on campus I'm almost always wearing leggings or sweats, but I always have basically a full face of make up on. 

Whenever I wear makeup I always feel more confident. Body image issues are something that I feel like everyone struggles with, but no matter how I'm feeling about my body that day I know that the second I put my makeup on I'm going to feel like a whole new person. 

I always low-key dread summer time because it's too hot to wear leggings everyday, and makeup becomes way less acceptable. But I've finally perfected my summer makeup routine - it takes me less than 10 minutes to finish and it makes me feel uber confident!

| CC Cream | 

The first week I was home from school after spring semester I was scrapping foundation out of the bottom of my bottle. As soon as I had a minute to myself I drove to the closest Ulta and commandeered one of the ladies for the next two hours. I told her all about my skin, my love for makeup and hatred for haters of summer makeup, and how I haven't been able to find the perfect foundation/CC cream/tinted moisturizer. 

This wonderful makeup goddess pulled me into the amazing world of It Cosmetics. The It Cosmetics CC Cream is a serious game changer! It goes on like a tinted moisturizer AND a foundation. You can literally change the way you want it to feel just by how you apply it.

I use a disposable makeup triangle for my everyday look to give it more of a foundation feel (+ using a triangle prevents you from getting makeup stains on your clothes because you have less makeup on your fingers.) If you decide to use your fingers, it feels and looks more like a light coverage tinted moisturizer.

My favorite part of this CC Cream is that it has SPF 50+ in it! I have been a huge advocate for sunscreen recently, it's so good for you and your skin! I've worn the makeup to the beach as sunscreen for my face (+ a confidence booster) and it's seriously amazing. Normal sunscreen makes my face break out, makes me feel like I need a shower, and I always end up having a burn on my nose and forehead anyway. But using this CC Cream as my facial sunscreen has completely changed the beach game. 

| Contouring | 

Don't get scared. When I say contouring I don't mean using five different tubes of different colored face paints. I love to do a light 'contour' with just a fluffy brush and some matt bronzer, then a little highlight on my cheeks and a little bit of blush. 

I use the same brush for all three of these and the same pallet. Urban Decay makes a great 3-in-1 pallet for this kind of light contouring. 

| Eyes + Lips | 

For my eyes I alway use the 'naked' color in the Naked Basics pallet on the lid of my eye, and most days, that's it. One in a while if I have time I'll try something new or a few different ones all together, but finding one color that you love can really help cut down on your routine time. 

Influenster sent me this awesome Marc by Marc Jacobs mascara earlier this year and I'm obsessed!! I love Marc Jacobs entire beauty line, but this mascara is arguably the best one I have ever tried. 

Most days in the summer I'll use a chapstick, but when I need to look more put together nude lipsticks are my favorite. Bite Beauty makes a ton of awesome lipsticks in different shapes, styles, colors... they're great and stay on forever!

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If you'd be interested in a What's in my Makeup Bag video leave me a comment because I'm planning some videos for my YouTube channel and I'd love to know what you guys would like to see!



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