10 Steps to 10 Minute Make-Up || Guest Post

10 Steps to 10 Minute Make-Up || Guest Post

Getting ready for your day does not need to be a long process. As some of y'all may know from reading my guest posts on The Rush Diaries, I am a college student, so I want to get as much sleep as I can.  I get ready for my day in just 10 minutes!! I am an independent beauty consultant with Mary Kay, a cosmetics and skin care company. I’m going to tell you what I do to get ready each morning in just 10 minutes!

1.     First, I splash a little warm water on my face and use my Mary Kay Botanical Effects cleanser all over my face. I rub it in circles all over my face, using my Skinvigorate Brush to wash my face for 1 minute (timed by the brush). There are 2 speeds on the brush. I usually use the faster speed for personal preference. The brush helps to boost the absorption of your next skin care step, and if you use it at night it removes make-up 85% better than by hand!

3.     After that, I take a warm washcloth and wipe my face clean. Then I spray some of the Botanical Effects freshener on a cotton pad and wipe down the problem areas of my face. Then I use my Botanical Effects Moisturizer to finish it up.

4.     Now, what we have really been waiting for…makeup! I start by using my Mary Kay Medium-to-Deep CC Cream. I use my fingers to apply my CC Cream, starting in the middle of my face and going outwards towards my hairline and jawline. Some girls use a liquid foundation brush for this as well. Please make sure you get your entire face! There is nothing worse than looking at a girl and seeing the ring of foundation or cream around her face! I absolutely love CC Cream because it’s all your basic layers in one! It helps hydrate your skin for up to 10 hours, contains SPF 15, brightens, color-corrects, and protects your skin. I even wear it when I go to the beach and don’t want to put any other makeup on, so I still look cute in pictures!

5.     After I’ve done that, I add a little bronzer to my face. I use the Mary Kay Light-Medium Bronzer, and apply it with my powder brush. I use my bronzer along my hairline, under my cheek bones, and along my jawline sort of making a 3 with my brush on each side of my face. I love bronzer because it gives you a nice healthy glow. Another plus is that it’s a buildable product, so you can make it as dark or light as you like.

6.     Next, I use a just a little blush on my face using my cheek color brush. I usually use Mary Kay’s Citrus Bloom or Strawberry Cream Mineral Cheek Color. I start at the apple of my cheekbone working to the top just below my temple.

7.     Now time for the eyes! I use my Mary Kay Eyeliner, and start at the inside corner of my eye working outwards. I typically use black or violet eyeliner, but there are many colors to choose from to change up your look. If you want a bolder eye, you can do your water line, put on eyeliner after your eye shadow, or go over your top lid a second time. 

8.   I like to use neutral colors because you can switch it up depending on what you're wearing or what time of day it is.   Usually I use 3 shades: a highlighter, a mid tone, and an accent. The Highlighter (lightest color) is used on the brow bone and on the inner corner of the eyes to enhance the features. The mid tone can be applied above the crease or over the whole lid. I use my eye color brush for my highlighter and mid tone. Then, your accent (darkest color) should be applied from your lash line to right above the crease. I use my crease brush for this color. Here are some colors recommended for each eye color by makeup professionals.

9.     To finish the eye, I use my Mary Kay Lash Love Lengthening Mascara. There are 4 different Mary Kay Mascaras, but this is my favorite because I don’t have long eyelashes, unfortunately, and it gives me all the definition I need!

10. Finish off your look with makeup finishing spray and a nude lip or one with a pop of color!

Then I keep a couple little things in my purse like a lip balm, lip gloss, oil beauty blotters, and brow gel. I use this same exact process every time I do my makeup, and it can be interchanged so many ways for a unique look each time! If you have any questions feel free to contact me :) My personal website is below if you want to browse and see the items I talked about today! Mary Kay is made in Dallas, Texas, uses the highest quality ingredients, does not test on animals, and is completely risk free! If you don’t like something you’ve purchased you can exchange it for the full amount or get your money back. 


Roll Tide! 


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