Happy 1 Year

I try not to write about my relationship with my boyfriend on here, but today is our anniversary so I want to share how me and Sam (my boyfriend) made it through high school and are working to stay together in college.  

A lot of people in the last week or so have asked me what having a boyfriend in college is like, and my answer to everyone is it's hard. It's hard because of the distance. Going from the summer after senior year getting to spend almost everyday together to having to wait weeks is tough.  We've made the distance easier by video chatting, talking on the phone, and making a general schedule of when we can visit each other. Having that schedule gives me something to look forward too even if the dates may change.  

If you're a high school senior contemplating whether or not you want to try and find a boyfriend this year my only advice to you is this: make sure you know that if you find a boyfriend and you later find yourselves wondering what you're going to do a week before college starts that you'll be able to make distance work if need-be. I know from close friends how much more tough it is going to college with a broken heart than with a long distance relationship. 

On the other hand if you're a high school senior whose in a relationship already I strongly strongly strongly suggest do not apply to the same colleges. Find your dream school and apply to places you actually like, not just places you both like or you could both get into. I love that me and Sam don't go to the same college because it gives us the opportunity to discover ourselves and make friends, and we both love where were attending. If we had gone to the same school one, or both, of us would be compromising and ultimately would have become unhappy or grown to resent the other. If you want to be near each other pick schools in the same town, but try your hardest to not make your decision solely on the preferences of your partner. 

Ultimately if you're considering a relationship in college you have to do what you think is right for you, I did and I have no regrets.