June Notes {+links}

June Notes {+links}

June has FLOWN by! A ton of amazing things have happened this month and everyday I become more and more grateful for the life I've been given. 

| Notes |

This month I started a new marketing internship, attended the Isenberg Business Leadership Awards Dinner, and had a meeting about the 2017 Women of Isenberg Conference! June was a month that I needed to get a lot of things done because the last week of July I am going on vacation to Disney World with my moms side of the family, and that same week my dad and step mother are moving out of our home and into a new house across town. 

In the next 16 days I have more packing to do than I ever have in my life. In addition to packing for the move, I have to pack for florida AND for college because all of my college stuff will be moved into storage until the end of August. {AKA a ton of purging and packing posts are about to hit the blog}

| Links | 

I've been reading more blogs and watching more YouTube channels than ever this month and it's been amazing! It's so inspiring and motivating reading everyone's summer posts and watching peoples "in My Life" videos. I'm obsessed. 

"Let's Live Kinder" - Cristina Was Here

Cristina went through an awful accident and it gave her a new perspective on the world. This post was so eye opening and heartfelt!

I love Brooke, she and Danielle Marie are my spirit animals. Brooke spent the month of June in LA and since I've never been west of New York, I lived vicariously through her Week in My Life videos. 

She also just recently started a vlog channel where she opened up about hate. Hate is a very real thing here in the age of social media. Most people think cyber bullying like this is reserved for celebrities who "signed up for it." Newsflash: no one signs up to be harassed in real life or online. And it happens to people who aren't super famous, like Brooke and even me. 

We all need to take a lesson from this video to realize that what we say online does matter and these people you may be talking about have feelings. Even if you don't think it's "bullying" even negative comments about weight or a pimple may have serious impact on the people you're talking about. 

Apparently, I'm obsessed with LA this month. But this post can totally be applied to wherever you live!! she mentions Yoga in the Park and Wall Crawling which are two awesome things for any major city! Plus Hannah's life is #goals. 

Obviously, you already know I'm obsessed with Danielle (#danfam) but when I saw this prouctivity video I literally whipped out an undated agenda and started rethinking my entire life. Some people if they could have coffee with anyone would choose Oprah, I would choose Danielle. 

What have you been loving this month?!

p.s. t-minusit's officially less than 8 weeks until I'm back on campus!



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