May Notes

May flew by! I was hoping after moving out of my sophomore dorm on May 5th I would have a few days to relax and catch my breath before work and my internship started. I was wrong. As absolutely hectic as May has been, now that things are slowing down I can finally focus on what was supposed to be my May to-do list.

| Personal Notes | 

At the end of July my family is going to Disney World in Orlando, FL, then the first week of August we are moving into a new house! So basically all of June is packing for Florida and, you know, packing my whole house. 

I also am determined to save money this summer instead of recklessly spending like I have basically my entire life. I am hoping to have enough money saved at the end of summer for all of my club dues, textbooks, and my future Ikea trip to furnish my apartment in the fall. I am also making it a personal goal to finally buy an iMac this summer! I've wanted one forever and now I need to adult, save my money, and just buy it!

(I've been looking for fun Disney shirts on Etsy, so if anyone has any recommendations about some fun shops let me know!!)

| Blog (+Youtube) Notes |

Sophomore year was super tough! But it helped me find my balance and pushed my time management abilities to their limit. I'm so excited to have some time this summer to allow me to get back into blogging and continue doing what I love! 

I've decided, over literal months of deliberation, that I will be starting a Youtube channel in June! I am so excited (and honestly wicked nervous) about this decision, but I cannot wait to get started! 

Let me know any requests you guys have for videos or what you hope to get from this channel!!