How I Read Everyday

How I Read Everyday

Did you ever think this day would come? The day when it's all over, but nothing's really started yet. High school has ended and our lives are beginning! I always thought that after graduation I would have no more stress, too bad no one ever told me that the summer before your first year of college can be one of the most stressful times in your life!

Between what feels like hundreds of graduation parties, trying to spend as much time with friends as possible, your first summer job, balancing a relationship (or loving being single!), and practically every relative and their mother asking what you want to do with the rest of your life this summer can get pretty stressful. 

On top of all these little stresses college has been keeping me up at night. When I say college I don't mean the actual college is calling me or that I'm worrying about the course load; I'm talking about all the stuff you have to get done before you go:

  • Signing up/going to summer orientation;
  • Registering for classes;
  • Ordering your books; 
  • Joining the college Facebook page (and trying to make friends);
  • Getting all the stuff for your dorm...

This list could go on forever.... 

After waking up feeling more tired than I when I went to bed the night before (for the third time in a row) I decided to figure out how to get rid of some of the stress. One of the biggest stress relievers I've discovered is reading, really reading, from an actual, physical book (not an iPad or and eReader). While I was organizing my desk last week I found a stack of books I had bought over the years that I had vowed to read, but didn't. So, I made it my personal mission to get through this stack of books before the end of the month. After accepting my mission I asked myself "How on earth am I going to find time to read of of these?!"  The answer wasn't as hard as I thought it would be to find it.

I started looking at my daily schedule: Get up, eat breakfast, get on the train, get to work, go home, sleep, repeat. The Train! The Train was my answer! Not everybody takes the train to work like I do every morning, but I know everybody has that 20-minute part of their day where they sit and do nothing. 

After reading every morning on my train ride to work I started feeling more productive when I got there and more ready to start the day! Reading has definitely become a necessity to get through the day (with-out pulling my hair out or having a mental breakdown), and it's definitely something I am going to incorporate into my future College LifeStyle. 



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