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Lately I have been so distracted. Mid-terms have taken over my life and it's caused my day planner to become lonely. I started feeling really stressed out, even after my exams were over, and I didn't know why; until I looked over and saw my Day Designer sitting all by it's lonesome on the top shelf of my desk.  I sat down and had a much needed date with my planner last Saturday, and I've felt so much better ever since.

My Library Necessities

Its midterm season. Cue the exhausted sigh... now. I feel like I've moved into the library at this point, and oddly enough, I don't mind it. My school library has a little coffee shop in it called "The Procrastination Station". It sounds like a place you wouldn't get any work done but it's become the place where I'm my most productive (and like a second home.) 

Balancing Academics and Friendships

It's the beginning of the first semester of school for 2014, and whether you're a high school or college student it's important to learn how you're going to balance your time effectively for the remainder of the year.  During your first week of school (or syllabus week) you can get a feel for how academically challenging your courses will be. The most important tool you can have is...

Saying Goodbye

Going to college is an exciting thing, probably the most exciting thing to happen to most 18 year olds out there, but it can also be hard for some people who have had a tight knit group of friends like I had. Goodbye's between friends are never true "good-bye's." 

It's officially back-to-school time! So you know what that means.... school supplies!! This is arguably my favorite time of the year (I have a serious obsession with school supplies, I know I'm a dork.) In honor of  this time I've put together some essential to always have in your backpack, and they aren't all just supplies.